Case Study: Comprehensive Joint Replacement Model for Lewin

Lewin was charged with implementing a new innovative Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR) Model into hospitals nationwide. Therefore, they needed a powerful way to convey this content-rich information in a format that worked best for busy healthcare professionals.


We gave Lewin’s effort a boost by designing a brand identity for the model then translating it into an engaging, 40+ page CJR Toolkit. The CJR Model consists of four key drivers which we organized into a visually compelling diagram so a viewer could quickly grasp the overall concept. Additionally, we produced a multi-episode CJR Podcast for audiences to absorb the knowledge on-the-go! The production process included interview coaching, project management, professional voiceover, music and audio editing, and more.

The toolkit and podcast increased user engagement overall! The best part…Lewin’s customers requested more of these products.


Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Graphic Design
Layout Design
Podcast Production
Interview Coaching
Audio & Music Editing
Professional Voiceover


Developed Model Identity

Requests for More Toolkits & Podcasts

Increased User Engagement

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